Commercial Window Cleaning

Our window cleaning teams have been providing a professional service to all types of commercial properties since 2004. We have built up a covetable reputation for consistently high levels of service and delivering flexible commercial window cleaning at competitive prices.

At Ellemby we are happy to undertake any type of commercial property big or small from offices, shops, restaurants, hotels, schools etc. Our aim is to provide the ultimate goal of 100% customer satisfaction at a competitive price. As a professional business you will appreciate that high standards of cleanliness promotes a professional image. Our specialist window cleaners have the flexibility to match your requirements with their regular cleaning schedules, whether you are looking for a weekly, monthly or quarterly service. We can provide window cleaning for both internal & external and the work can be carried out at a suitable time to minimise disruption to your employees.

For Commercial window cleaning Ellemby Ltd use the Reach & Wash System. This enables windows to be cleaned to the highest standard up to 65 feet from the ground in a safe and effective way. The system also enables staff to professionally clean windows that are usually inaccessible.

The main advantage of using a waterfed pole for the cleaning of windows is the Health & Safety aspect. Window cleaning is deemed a high risk because of the association of using ladders. With this system it is far safer for the cleaning operatives to complete their work from the safety of the ground.

The waterfed pole system is economically friendly, using no detergents or chemicals thus helping to save our environment.

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    Our window cleaning teams provide a professional service to all types of commercial properties.

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